Missions work doesn’t just mean spending a year living overseas working at a rural hospital. There are ongoing ways to serve locally, there are one-time local service opportunities, and there are work teams that respond to regional needs. Swing a hammer, stir some gumbo, share the love of God through service to others. Everyone is welcome. Everyone is needed.

Mission Opportunities
  • Common Ground: We have adopted a classroom at Common Ground and the work is almost complete! Pictures and video coming soon. We will be preparing a list of items needed to make the classroom complete in the near future, so come back to see us soon to see how you can help!
  • Lake Charles Hurricane Relief: How can you help with hurricane relief efforts? For now, visit the page for The Louisiana Conference of the United Methodist Church, here: https://www.la-umc.org/newsdetail/how-to-help-14230443
  • Coming Soon: University UMC in Lake Charles, Pastor Angela Bulhof will be providing us information on future ways we can help their congregation. Come back to our page to find opportunities to give and serve.
  • Relief continues to be slow one year after Hurricane Laura, and three additional disasters have hit southwest Louisiana since Hurricane Laura. Go to www.visitlakecharles.org/rebuilding-swla to view recovery efforts. Click on the red ACT NOW button to contact congress and the White House.
  • Common Ground Christmas Market Saturday, December 18. Shopping bags will be available in the gathering area in November. Volunteer opportunities will be posted in November as well.


Vickie Rech, vicrech@aol.com

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