COVID-19 Updated Worship Plans

Last updated: 03/18/20 7:00pm

Greetings Grace Community,

I hope you are staying well and wise during these challenging times.  At Grace Community, we are working hard to develop new and creative ways to share the love of God, to stay connected and to stay safe.

Please read ALL the WAY through this email.
There is a lot of information!

Every day brings new information regarding COVID-19 and best practices.  We are staying abreast of the information and processing it just as you are as we develop our plans and remain responsive to the needs of our community.  We are committed to being responsible, but not reactive.  As one of our local television stations says, “Facts, not Fear.”  And I will say, “Love, not Fear.”

In light of emerging information and guidelines, here are our updated worship plans:

We will provide a livestream service every Sunday morning at 11:11 am until further notice.  As we move closer to Easter, we will keep you apprised of what the Sundays will look like beyond that.  In an effort to protect our band members and other worship leaders we will be using some pieces of worship that we already have recorded.  We are extremely blessed that Grace Community is, in many ways ahead of the curve on this as the church developed media and livestream capacities years ago.

In an effort to keep everyone safe and flatten the curve on the COVID-19 virus we ask that you stay home and stay connected through email, Facebook and the website.  I will be on Facebook Live periodically on the Grace page to share scripture, encouragement, and prayer with you.

There are other ways you can be connected as well.  The Lenten readings are posted on the website and when we read them, we know that many of us are reading the same scripture that day.

The work of the church will continue.  All in-person meetings are canceled, but committees are working through email and zoom meetings by computer.  If you have questions about any of the committees on which you serve, contact your committee chair regarding any upcoming meetings.

Church office hours may vary during this time.  However, at this point, there will be someone in the office Monday through Thursday.  If you need us, you can call the church or email one of the staff.

If you have prayer concerns, there is a place online to send them and there will be a team of prayer warriors praying on your behalf.  You can be assured that you can identify whatever information you wish to be held in confidence will be respected.  You can also contact Brandy Lasseigne, our congregational care coordinator at

Our missions team is busy exploring and praying about ways that we can be serving our most vulnerable in our community.  You can expect to hear from them in the coming days.  If you have ideas, please share them with Stacy Eppers, our Missions Coordinator at

Our youth and children’s directors are developing online plans to continue the important spiritual formation of our youth and children.  If you have questions about youth, please contact Melissa Enis at  If you have questions about ways we are working with children, please contact Allison Sample at

As we continue our ministry through Grace, your financial support is critical.  Our weekly collection normally received in worship sustains God’s work through us.  Please make every effort to give as you can.  You can give online at  Or you can mail your check to Grace Community – 9400 Ellerbe Rd – Shreveport, LA 71106.

Finally, it is agreed by many that sunshine and fresh air are good for us – always and maybe especially right now.  If you do get out, the prayer garden at Grace is open and is a lovely, serene space.  The Stations of the Cross are posted along the walk.  Just remember, if there are others in the prayer garden, respect the quiet and maintain a safe distance from one another.  If you are not out, you can still step out your door and breathe in the blessings of God’s creation in the sun, the moon, the stars, the birds and budding new life.

God is with us.  May you know God’s presence during this time

Be well and be wise,
Pastor Betsy