Worship Experience

So maybe you clicked on this page to find out if Grace sings hymns the “old way”, if we only sing worship choruses from 1997, or if, to paraphrase Steel Magnolias, we will expect you to eat a live chicken on your first visit. (Okay, you probably didn’t want to find out the third thing. And if you are now concerned, don’t be, the only non-human animals allowed in the worship space are service animals!) What you will find in a worship service at Grace Community are people of all ages, who have wildly different political, social, and even theological positions gathered to center ourselves in a God who loves each of us completely. And as each of us begins to understand this vast and unwavering love, we also begin to see one another as equally cherished.

Choosing to be in community is not easy. People are broken and imperfect. Relationships can be inconvenient and difficult. We don’t leave that at the door. And in that messy, chaotic, honesty is the beauty and transformational power of community.

So come in dirty blue jeans or a three-piece suit. Come with struggles no one sees or struggles you cannot hide. Come with your questions and your doubts. Come and worship a God who welcomes us all.