What We Believe


“Christ, through Grace, is restoring lives and transforming seekers to servants.” This vision guides every dimension of our ministry.


At a time when some experience Christianity as a closed community, we are committed to being a place of openness. We recognize that all people are God’s children and want to provide a safe place for all who are searching for God, for meaning, and for belonging.
Jesus used the most common form of communication in his day, storytelling, and his stories were not necessarily religious. To farmers, he talked about scattering seed. To people in business, he talked about investing. Yet with each of his stories, his parables, he was able to share spiritual truth with the “seekers” of his day. This is what we embrace at Grace Community: sharing the story of salvation/healing/wholeness in language and action that mirrors our community.
We seek to understand the language and orientation of the surrounding culture so that we can communicate Christ in the most effective way. We are called to stand alongside our neighbors and live life with them following God’s example of becoming human so that we could find new life. We strive to be peacemakers, bridge-builders, and community creators in Shreveport and beyond.
Our ultimate goal is to help every person move from simply seeking God to following God completely. We understand that a very important part of being a child of God and a disciple of Christ is outreach and service.

We remain centered on good news by engaging our neighbors in the stories of scripture—the record of God’s revelation to the world. We interpret scripture in community and use three lenses in interpreting God’s story for today:

Tradition – The way that our ancestors in the faith have spoken, worshipped, and discovered in their journey of faith.

Reason – The recognition that our pursuit of knowledge and truth is a gift from God; that in the questions we are able to see God at work in us and in the world.

Experience – A recognition that our life story is one of the ways that we mediate, engage, and understand the stories of faith and how those stories relate to us.

We see ourselves as a faithful Christian congregation in the Wesleyan tradition ministering in, with, and to a diverse, constantly changing society.