Wedding Information

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If you are considering Grace Community for your wedding, we encourage you to look over some initial guidelines to keep in mind as you begin to think about your ceremony. We believe that marriage is a sacred covenant and that services held on our grounds should reflect both that belief and the understanding that both parties are entering into the marriage of their own volition and as equals.

The Wedding Ceremony and Facilities Manager will discuss the mechanics of the service with you, including policies or guidelines for decorations, photography, audio or video recording and music selection.  It is our desire that your wedding be a memorable and meaningful experience.

A few important notes before requesting a wedding at Grace Community UMC:

1. The bride, groom, or their parents/guardians must be members of Grace Community at least six (6) months prior to the wedding date to qualify for membership status; all other wedding parties are considered non-members.    Non-members may not book their wedding at Grace Community earlier than (3) months before their wedding date.

2. The wedding couple may choose to have another United Methodist pastor to officiate the marriage ceremony. If the wedding couple wishes to have a minister of another denomination officiate, a minister from Grace Community must approve of the minister and assist in the service.

3. Rehearsals, weddings, and receptions at Grace Community are not scheduled during holiday seasons (example: Holy Week/Christmas Eve), Saturdays after 1:00 pm, and Sundays. Rehearsals scheduled on Thursday evenings must be scheduled to conclude by 7PM due to Promise Band practice.

4. We do not begin weddings after 1PM on Saturday. No Saturday evening weddings are scheduled due to our Saturday evening worship service.

5. We do not have a center aisle. Previous attempts have been made to “create” a center aisle by moving the flexible seating in the worship area and it is not feasible for multiple reasons.

6. Thursday night wedding rehearsals must be finished by 6:30PM due to weekly worship in the worship area. This typically allows dinner reservations to be “on-time” for the rehearsal dinner at the designated restaurant or ballroom facility.

7. If a wedding date has been “pre-set” by the bride and groom and is not flexible, we cannot guarantee the facility or a pastor will be available.

8. Off-site weddings performed by a Grace Community Pastor on Saturday evening require a 7:30PM wedding time so that pastors can attend evening worship services at Grace Community and have time to arrive at the wedding.

9. We do not allow pets to be part of the wedding ceremony unless they are a service animal.

10. Counseling Appointment: All Pastors require the couple to have four consultations (Prepare/Enrich) with a trained counselor lay person prior to the performance of the marriage ceremony. The counselor’s fee is $95.00. This is a separate fee and is payable at the first session. Contact counselor Ken Kirspel to schedule your appointments.  His contact information may be obtained by calling the church office when you schedule your wedding.

NOTE: If your wedding is at another church but a pastor from Grace

Community is performing your ceremony, this consultation is still required.

11. Pastor Appointment: An appointment needs to be made with Tamara White to meet with the pastor immediately following the finalization of the wedding date. An additional date needs to be set one month prior to the wedding to discuss Prepare/Enrich results and finalize other ceremony details.

Please speak with Tamara White, in the church office to discuss having your wedding at Grace Community