Classes meet for 6-weeks beginning August 5th at 10:00am.

Parenting Class Shannon  Huertas & Ashley Drew in Room A101
Are you a parent of a child or a teenager? Do you ever feel like the two of you are speaking different languages, or perhaps even living in different worlds? Join Shannon and Ashley, both therapists, who work with children and families, as they cover various topics related to parenting and how to bridge the gap in understanding between them and you.

The Enneagram and You Pastor Jessica Lowe & Amber Dent in Grace Hall, Room 2
This class will utilize the Enneagram  Personality Test as a tool to learn more about who we are, what motivates us, and how we can become better versions of ourselves. In order to grow spiritually, we must first develop awareness of both ourselves and others. The Enneagram is a fun way to discover who we are, and how that affects our relationships with others.

Methodism 101 Pastor Juan Huertas & Pastor Jessica  Lowe in Grace Hall, Room  3
In this class, we will cover the basic tenants of Methodism-how the denomination came to be, our beliefs and values, the structure of the church, and what sets us apart from others. If you are new to  Grace, new to  Methodism, or simply would like a refresher, this class is for you!

New Kind of Christian  Ken Kirspel, LPC, LMFT in Grace Hall, Room 1
A Book Study on Brian McLaren’s book of the same name. The class will be open to all and conducted in a discussion format. It will be a safe place to express doubts and ask questions as we look at the 10 questions the author believes are transforming the faith while respecting each other’s viewpoints and beliefs.

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