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Joys & Concerns

If some have cause to celebrate, join in the celebration.
And if others are weeping, join in that as well.
Romans 12:15

Prayer is one way we support each other as a faith community. Unless marked “place online” all prayer requests are considered confidential and shared privately with the pastoral staff. While names only are posted online, details will be shared with the prayer group that meets each Wednesday evening @ 5:30pm.

There are many ways to connect with our prayer ministries:

  • Prayer Boxes – located at the back of the worship area
  • Church Office – drop off at church office
  • Daytime Prayer Chain – contact the church office @ 318.865.2070
  • Offering Basket

If you know of someone who is hospitalized, ill, or has suffered a death in their family, please contact the church office @ 318.865.2070 or by email ( so that we, as a church family, can offer assistance.

If you have an emergency and need a pastor when the office is closed, please call 318.865.1470.

This Week’s Joys & Concerns

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For Healing

Cari Bollinger & Family (Wife of Pete Bollinger)

Steve & Cheryl Caraway (Friends of Gloria Echols)

Charles Clark (Friend of The Quest Class)

Kelly Easley (Friend of Rickie Hopkins)

Charles Coyle (Cousin of Debbie Digilormo)

Kevin & Heather Leone (Brandy Lasseigne)

David McKneely (Friend of The Quest Class)

Warren Cullom (Friend of Brandy Lasseigne)

David & Debra Cwodzinski (Parents of Fresia Hinds)

Linda Cox (Friend of the Knit Wits Class)

Frank Gordon (Father of Dona Amidon)

Diane Moon (Friend of Charles Chism)

Chris Ledbetter (Family member of The Tuxens)

Pat Birmingham (Friend of Elizabeth Hensley)

Dennis Sharp (Husband of Sue Sharp)

Zach Jackson (Son of Dana Johnston)

John Faulkner (Friend of Rickie Hopkins)

Jack Ewing (Friend of Debbie Digilormo)

Dennis Shoup (Father of Brian Shoup)

Don Jones (Brother of Mary Dark)

Marie Kelley (Patrick & Karin Oathout)

Alice Powell (Mother of Debbie Moore)

Bill & Sara Lowdermilk (Friends of Pete Bollinger)

Billy & Christy Hilburn (Christy Hilburn)

Carolyn Mountcastle (Friend of Suzy Harris)

Eloise Galloway & Kathy Turner (Kathy Turner)

Kenneth Hardaway & Debbie Digilormo (Debbie Digilormo)

H.B. Grisham (Father of Barbara Montgomery & Travis Grisham)

Charles & Patsy Williford (Parents of Cathy Ezernack)

Sara Brackman (Family member of Debbie


Bob & Charlotte Mainiero (Parents of John Mainiero)

Jerri Oliphint (Mother of Corey Oliphint)

Archer Daniel Bayham (Nephew of Justin Leblanc)

Charles & Linda White (Parents of Kristy Sumlin)

Lewis & Sandra Hines (Parents of Allison Sample)

Betty Sorrels (Wife of Bob Sorrels)

For Other Needs

Garrett Leeth (Grandson of Betty Sorrels)

Maegan Beighley (Daughter of Richard Beighley)

Paula & Eric Lewis (Family members of Sue Sharp)

The McCormick Family (Brandy Lasseigne)

Zelda Loftus  & Family (Friends of Montgomery Family)

Essie & Gerald Ross (Friends of Brandy Lasseigne)

Bob & Charmaine Tarpley (Brandy Lasseigne)

Military Family and Friends

Skylar Geer (Family member of Pam Gudritz)

Ethan Colbert (Son of Chris & Susan Colbert)

Garret Dunlap (Husband of Jennifer Dunlap)

Corey Paddie (Grandson of Johnnie Covington)

Scott Ferrell (Son-in-law of Edd & Susan Smith)

Ben Bashinski (Nephew of Eleanor Kirspel)

Mark Duty (Friend of Pam Barker)

Cody Salpietra (Family member of Joe & Kathryn Salpietra)

Jonathan Wyche (Son of Wes & Shannon Wyche)